The Sun

                 "Five days around the Sun"    

            Meeting in Hungary 

The project's second activity, a short-term exchange of groups of pupils, titled " Five days around the Sun", took place in the lower secondary school of Bicske, Hungary from March 25 to March 29. On the first day of the meeting, the international groups were warmly welcomed by the Mayor of Bicske at the local Cultural Centre, and next at the primary school of Bicske by the Deputy Headmistress, where all attended a welcome dancing event, prepared by teachers and groups of students of the school. Next, at the lower secondary school, the Headmaster welcomed the guests, and then the groups of the participating students set off for a town rally, organized by the Hungarian coordinator of the project and conducted by students of the host school, working on the project. The rally offered both the hosts and the guests a chance to discover the town and its landmarks and to get acquainted in their own terms. The teachers remained at school and discussed the project timetable for the following days. Later the groups of students reported on the information they had gathered during the town rally, and next there were some preparatory activities about the forthcoming classes. On the second day, the guests and the hosts attended classes, prepared by the Hungarian coordinator, about the Sun, the "father of our solar system". The original CLIL classes were prepared using ICT extensively, as well as working in groups, conducting research and preparing micro-projects. The students searched for facts and figures about the Sun playing a Kahoot game, reading a QR code and studying word clouds. They watched videos and small presentations about the Sun as a celestial body and its role within our solar system, and then worked in groups to produce their own presentations about the Sun in science and culture. They made their own mind maps, word clouds, a Sun's dictionary, paintings about their own solar deities. Each product was presented to the participants by a group leader. Later the groups of students started painting a puzzle presenting our solar system. In the afternoon the international students were hosted by Hungarian families for dinner.On the third day the students and teachers enjoyed an all-day cultural visit to Budapest, where they had the chance to be guided to the most important landmarks of the city and discover its historic centre. On the fourth day the students had the chance to attend an alternative CLIL class, where a hobby astronomy photographer presented his photos of the Sun and the planets to the students, explaining lots of fascinating facts about the solar course, the change of seasons, the impact of the Sun on our planet. After the presentation, the students and teachers asked the photographer questions and had a fruitful discussion with him. Later that day, the groups of students had an entertaining class, prepared by a teacher of the Greek Erasmus+ team, where they had to discover the Sun through songs in English and other languages and finally they were asked to produce their own song about the Sun in English, using a well-known tune of their choice. Students even sang their songs. In the afternoon session, students completed their colourful and lively universe puzzle. On the fifth day the students watched a presentation about the Sun and the universe in a mobile Planetarium in Bicske. There was a farewell lunch and the groups arranged to meet again in October 2019.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

International groups

Program of the week


8:00 Walking from Hotel Báder into town. Having a look at some interesting and well-known sites in the town. Main/Kossuth square, Health centre, Botond square, the House of Culture, post office, secondary school, Catholic school, Mayor Office.

8:30 Meeting the Mayor of the town and visiting an exhibition

9:15 Arriving to the 100 years old building of our school. Welcome by the deputy headmistress of this school and a short welcome play by class 2.

9:50 Walking around the building and getting to know the system of our lower primary. Visiting some classrooms.

10:15 Walking to the other building of the school. On the way, we see two churches, a restaurant, two banks, the County Office.

10:30 Arriving to the newer building of the school. Looking around the building and waiting for the break.

10:40 During break time the headmaster of the school welcomes the international groups and our students greet the guests. Short introduction of the groups.

10:50 Meeting in the library and explaining the rules and tasks of the town rally. Dividing students into groups.

11:15 The groups leave school and go for the rally. For teachers there will be a coffee break.

12:00 Groups arrive back to school. Evaluation

12:30 Lunch at school

14:00 Working on the common product of the meeting


8:25 Leaving Hotel Báder and walking to school

9:00 Lesson 1. (In international mixed groups)

10:30 Break for snacks

11:00 Lesson 2 (In international mixed groups)

13:00 Lunch at school

14:00 Creating art products of the meeting

16:00 Leaving school.


7:30 Whole day visit in Budapest Main attractions:

Citadel Fishermen's bastion Castle district Chain bridge St Stephen basilica Shopping street Parliament visit at 15:15 Shopping centre in the way back

19:00 - 21:00 Arriving back to the hotel


8:45 Arriving to school

9:00 Presentations from an expert

10:30 Creating and finishing art products

11:30 Lesson 3 (songs by Dimitra, represented by Dina)

13:00 Lunch at school

Free afternoon ( so if you still wish to go back to Bp, I will let you know the way and options)


8:20 Leaving for Cultural centre of the town

8:45 Planetarium: Incredible Sun and Discovering the Solar system

9:45 Meeting for teachers (while the students are finishing the products). Discussing the coming meeting tasks and evaluating the meeting in Hungary.

11:00 Displaying art products at school and taking pictures Goodbye for the host school

13:15 Farewell lunch at a Pizzeria

15:30 Finishing the meeting, certificates and free time. Discovering the town on one's own. 

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